HF Search Partners recommend that Executives interested in adding Private Company or SME Non-Executive or Consulting assignments to their portfolio should consider NXD.

NXD is a UK network of experienced MD’s and CEO’s who provide NED services, expertise and support to small and medium enterprises to add value and help business owner’s/managers deliver their business vision and goals.

In some cases we may act as a formal Non-Executive on the Board, in other cases we may act in a less formal manner.

Each of our Non-Executives brings independence and a willingness to speak their mind, experience of running substantial business interests, a network of relationships relevant to the business, lots of commercial acumen and the capability to help you improve your financial performance.

Who are we looking for to become members?
We are looking for top quality business professionals with experience of managing a significant business entity to apply to join us. We are looking for people who have very high standards of honesty, decency and integrity and above all else, people who view that adding value to the businesses they are involved with comes ahead of taking a fee.

Why might you want to join?
People join for a wide range of reasons, from wanting to bring Non-Execs to smaller businesses, the stringent eligibility criteria, the quality of other members along with a desire to work for themselves whilst being part of a network and a brand that provides both a sales and marketing capability and a referral network facility.